Los Altos Rocks

There is always a variety of entertainment at each of the First Fridays in downtown Los Altos. Craig Cousin’s, proprietor of Cover Story, shows his many talented sides as his band entertains patrons with a little bit of rock ‘n roll.

Passionate Volunteers

A gathering of community volunteers who shared their common passion for our downtown Los Altos met to define the purpose, goals and mission that would drive the spirit and enthusiasm moving forward. This spirit continues to this day and gives purpose to all that we do at Los Altos Forward.


Sit & Share

This furniture is located in a convenient place, directly across the street from the local Baskin Robbins ice cream store. It is a popular location for our young people after school and this picture is a good example showing our teens from Egan Jr. High doing what kids do best at that age, enjoying time “hanging out” with friends.

Los Altos Forward Team

Local Los Altos residents and LAF Founding Team Members Deb Hope and Bart Nelson holding the fort down and having a lot of fun in the process at LAF Headquarters during one of the many First Friday evenings in downtown Los Altos